How Traditional Wholesale Brands are Using Digital to Reinvent Themselves

How Traditional Wholesale Brands are Using Digital to Reinvent Themselves

On October 14th, Fruit of the Loom went live with an exclusive direct-to-consumer women’s apparel line – “Seek No Further” – that would only be sold online. This represented a stunning change in strategy from the retail giant’s typical mass-market play. One thing this decision clearly signals is that the traditional retail model is in trouble. In the wake of Sears’ bankruptcy and possible liquidation, it’s not surprising that wholesale brands, who were traditionally married to physical retailers for the sale of their products, are now looking to digital for new solutions.

Facebook Messenger represents a key new channel for these brands, helping drive online sales and leverage the strong relationships their brands have with consumers to make DTC sales. Without the risks and costs involved in establishing a physical presence or seeking new wholesale relationships, innovative wholesale brands (like retail brands) are using Facebook Messenger to interact with, assist, market to and deepen relationships with their prospects and customers. Nike in particular has recently launched multiple apps and websites specifically to offer their customers an extremely personalized digital experience.

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