Reinventing On-Site Chat as your Key Sales Driver

Reinventing On-Site Chat as your Key Sales Driver

Traditionally, on-site chat widgets were used to target two ends of the e-commerce funnel: web visitors with general questions, and purchasers with customer service needs. But what about those in between those two ends, the shoppers with varying levels of intent whom you pay to bring to your site, but do not convert? Turns out, the chat widget can be a powerful tool for boosting your on-site conversion rate, a metric that is often overshadowed by the understandable preoccupation with CPMs and CPCs by growth marketers. But paying attention to your on-site conversion rate can yield dividends in both the long and short term, and deploying tools like chat for converting sales can net you more e-comm sales immediately.

Chat makes it possible to connect at scale with those high-intent web visitors at the precise moment they need a nudge, with the exact content that will convert them. With these emerging technologies in AI, chatbots and personalization we are at the forefront of an on-site revolution in the e-commerce.

Making the online store journey mirror the in-person store experience has always been a challenge for retail brands. At their heart, people will always feel more comfortable with a salesperson because they know salespeople can sort through the million of options they think MIGHT be right for them, to the two or three items that actually are. That feeling of “exactly what I’m looking for” is what keeps customers coming back, and beats the dread of uncertainty any day. Enter on-site conversational selling. Immediate and high-impact results, as conversational AI and recommendation algorithms combine to increase on-site conversions by up to 10 percent.

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